Drew this on tuesday and coloured it yestaday. Ive been trying to use this style to draw objects instead of cloud things. This one is more shape based i think thats why its hard for me to look at. In the past i used more creatures and objects in this stuff. i guess im gettin lazy haha. Anywho i like it, the colours are super crazy and im not sure if they match at all (Im colour blind....not that bad means i care a lil more...or a lil less.)


  1. Hey buddy, everything looks awesome up here, I like that green christmas tree thing, hope you're doing good man.
    Wanna come down for the weekend of the 30th....open house here...the boys might go out drinking and shit!
    I have no phone...so only way to contact me is email
    cya buddy

  2. hey man, I really like this, very cool.
    you defntally have q distinct style going.