Stink breath or philffie mowph

dis ones been sittin on my comp for the last couple ov months jus screamin to be coloured and i final found som colours i liked. hope u enjoi


grindding teeth

been sittin on my comp for almost 2 months jus finished it today

Caribou Pic

this is the pic i did for caribou. i didnt end up goin to the show, story is the girl at staples hates her life sooooo much she thought she would reflect it on me and not print my shit an hour before the store closed. lets jus say i'll catch him next time. oh that troll from the biz depot will have bad karma my friends oh she will.



Drew this last night was listening to Killah Priests new mix tape "Untold Storys of Walter Reed". Its bomb and free if your a hiphop fan cop dat shit.http://www.sendspace.com/file/uvfcay


1st image is my new cover letter, hopefully it helps dis fucker get a job and the second isa pic i gave toda mix master n got him to signa copy for me. he gave me his new album, its dubstep and doper then dope plus his show was too sick, keep cuttin mix master yer da bomb. hope he likes it and i hope you enjoi as well. goin to a caribou show on saterday drawin him a pic as well will post when its ready.


Newest Song "I want'd 2 c u befor"

Dis track was made before my trip but i messed up one ov the oringal files and had to start all over again. I feel this version is way better. Its a trip and might be a lil much for some but enjoi none the less.